About us

Who are we?

OpTalent is a team of recruitment experts passionate about human resources. Our vast experience in the industrial and technical field allows us to grasp the real issues related to recruitment in the manufacturing industry.

Our Mission

OpTalent’s mission is to refer the most talented candidates to its clients in order to make a significant contribution to increasing the productivity of companies.

Our values


At OpTalent, we sincerely believe that respect is the basis of any mutually beneficial human interaction.


We believe that the satisfaction of our customers depends on the excellence and professionalism of our work throughout each mandate.


We make sure we meet your hiring needs with honesty and transparency.


We listen to the real needs of our customers and we are aware that every reality differs in the manufacturing industry.


We believe that rigor is essential when it comes to finding, evaluating and referring the best candidates available on the market and meeting the most demanding needs of our customers.

Our engagement

We are committed to providing a personalized service, according to the specific needs of our customers, by prioritizing their full satisfaction during each mandate. Supported by rigorous processes, we are constantly fueled by the desire and obligation to find and refer the best technical talent to help increase business performance. We are also committed to building lasting relationships with our customers based on trust, listening, understanding, skill, efficiency and dedication.

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